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Gay Days and Star Wars Share the Force

Disney's Star Wars Weekends Run from May 16 to June 15th, 2014.

So if you are Star Wars fan and you happen to be Gay, Friday during Gay Days should be a special treat for you. Plus with Disney buying the Star Wars franchise, Disney now has greater freedom to do more with these weekends than ever before.

The force will be strong at Disney?s Hollywood Studios during the first weekend of June as Stormtroopers, Chewy, Darth Vader and lots men with light sabers join in celebration of Star Wars. In fact over 50 Star Wars characters will be present during this event.

What to Expect during Star Wars weekends:
Meet and Greet your favorite Star Wars Characters
Now you can get a photo with your favorite characters or characters you love to hate. While at Disney Hollywood Studios you may encounter Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Stormtroopers, Jawas, Anakin Skywalker, Queen Amidala, Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2 and many more. Make sure you pick up the brochure so you know where you can go to find your favorites.

Interstellar Autograph with the Stars
You may or may not know the Star Wars celebrities, but if you want your own personal Star Wars Weekend memento this is it.

Star Wars Shows & Tales

Look for Stormtroopers at the Gate, Boba Fett on Patrol and Stormtrooper patrol

Legends of the Force Celebrity Motorcade
This grand motorcade features Star Wars characters from across the galaxy. Check the brochure to times as this is a often considered a must see event.

Stars of the Saga ? Talk Show and Q & A
An entertaining 30 minute Star Wars themed talk show that includes 2 Star Wars Celebrities

Hyperspace Hoola - Star Wars like you've never seen.
This end of day celebration includes Star Wars characters performing fun and exciting musical numbers. Yes musical numbers, it kind of makes me think of the Star Wars Christmas Special from decades ago!

There is also Stormtrooper Pre-Show, Behind the Force: Star Wars Voices, Visit to the Maul starring Ray park and more.

Star Tours
Haven't been to Star Tours since One Mighty Weekend use to have the big Saturday Night Theme Park party? Well Star Tours has been updated to give riders over 50 different Star Tours adventures!

Star Wars Weekends run for many weeks, but Gay Days is only for one weekend. So release your inner Star Wars Geek while in Orlando and head to Disney Hollywood Studios on Friday for a great time.

Please note that Star Wars events can be cancelled or delayed without notice.

If attending, Star Wars Weekend events we recommend that you head out to Disney's Hollywood Studios early when it is still cool, get fast passes to your favorite rides, have fun with the Star Wars events and try to head out around 5 - 6 pm grab an hour nap and then head over to the RipTide party Friday night. .

Have fun and May the force be with you.

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